"The Can Do Duck Books are really terrific 
-- motivational, sweet, and amusing.  
There's a lot of power and inspiration in the simple poetry."
‚Äč- Jeffrey Zaslow, Co-author, The Last Lecture

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Ducktor Morty

Ducktor Morty (a child psychiatrist) and his family have written and illustrated four books so far -- books that teach positive messages and entertain at the same time. Contact Ducktor Morty with questions or comments or to receive free parent and teacher guidelines.


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Now we have plush ducks and rubber duckies!!!!

Have you been looking for positive, motivational children's books that

you and your family will love to read again and again? 

The Can Do Duck Motivational Children's Books

Welcome to The Can Do Duck website! We're glad you came to visit. Here you can find out information about The Can Do Duck motivational children's books and Can Do Duck: The Musical and learn about the successes that children, parents, and teachers around the world have had using The Can Do Duck approach.

They've been read by principals, sports teams, therapists, a literacy program, and a Miss Tennessee contestant.