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Ducktor Morty (a child psychiatrist) and his family have written and illustrated four books that teach positive messages and entertain at the same time. Contact us with questions or comments or to receive free parent and teacher guidelines.


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​Teaching Students to Try New Things

Everything is going great! Our reading program is in full swing.  I just finished reading The Can Do Duck to our 3rd grade students...It is so encouraging to see them recite the “pledge” when they are attempting something new.  Teachers are also incorporating the four step plan into their lessons. The discussion guide by Ductor Morty was a great asset. The “readers” appreciated the questions and used them within the classroom.

3rd Grade Teacher
Elementary School
South Carolina 

Teachers' Stories

Teaching Positive Attitudes

Orlando, Florida --- Dr. Phillips Elementary School is using the Can Do Duck books in all of its classes for grades K through 5 for the 2007-2008 school year to help teach positive attitudes! They used the books for the 2006-2007 year for the first time and decided to continue the program again the next year. This is a picture of the principal and vice principal with a banner they created. If you look carefully, you can see the Can Do capes on some of the ducks!
Teaching Goal Setting

A school in Stockton, California started using the books to teach goal setting to their students.

Hi Ducktor Morty,
K through 3 grade has adopted Can Do Duck's slogan. We recite it every day in class. Every class has their own way of incorporating Can Do Duck into their classroom. One Kindergarten teacher has ducks on every table to remind students they can. I have a huge duck in front of the classroom as a reminder. My students are very excited to take tests now as I reward them with a duck for achieving an 80% or above on the test. They love collecting the ducks and it creates excitement in my class now instead of dread come test day. We love Can Do Duck. Thanks for checking in.

A Very Grateful Teacher, Terry Hildenbrand
2nd Grade
Elementary School
Stockton, California

Teaching Kindness                                  

​Teacher Susan Northrup and her Kindergarten class from Rochester, NY made cards and raised money for the people in Colorado who were affected by the recent flooding. They were mentioned along with The Can Do Duck on the nightly news!

​As Susan Northrup wrote, "To coincide with "International Dot Day 2013" The children said…We CAN, They made a plan (decorated cards and had other classrooms do the same) Got right to it and today sold the cards in the Student Alumni Union at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The money was for the people in Colorado. We are donating it to the Red Cross."