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Ducktor Morty (a child psychiatrist) and his family have written and illustrated four books that teach positive messages and entertain at the same time. Contact us with questions or comments or to receive free parent and teacher guidelines.


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High School Volley Ball Team Serves Up the Can Do Duck Spirit!

Toledo, Ohio - For a Volleyball tournament, the St. Ursula Academy Freshman team used Can Do to get psyched up. Coach Tammy Cox taped the quote, "I say I can. I make a plan. I get right to it. And then I do it!" on the side of the net during practice. She also gave each girl a rubber duck the day before and explained to them this was something to keep in their bags forever to remind them to believe in themselves. They were told to decorate them and bring them to practice the next day. Some of the players colored them and some dressed them up. One of the coaches wore a red scarf with Can Do on it and wore a blow-up duck around her waist.

The team read the book together and used the players' names and coaches names while reading it. "They were really into it and listening while I read it," said Coach Cox. "I only wish I would have kicked my season off with this instead of in the last week. I have coached volleyball for many years and the one thing that I think the book really could help with is that volleyball is a game of errors and you have to believe in yourself regardless of the outcome of each point! I will be reading this book very frequently to my own children. They are 12, 10 and 3. It will help make them successful in all they choose to do. Thanks again."

Brittany Davis:
Miss Kingsport, Tennessee

Sports & Pageants

Miss Kingsport, Tennessee 2010 offered hope

and encouragement to children

Kingsport, Tennessee - Brittany Davis used her life experiences to offer hope and encouragement to local children. As Miss Kingsport 2010, Davis took her platform — “Believe to Achieve: Inspiring Children to Believe in Themselves to Reach Their Dreams” — into local elementary schools. Davis said she wanted to use education as a way to inspire children. “I would read stories such as ‘The Little Engine That Could’ and ‘The Can Do Duck: A Story About Believing in Yourself,’” she said. She emphasized the importance of having dreams and setting goals. Her biggest aspiration was to give an award at the end of each school year to a child in each city school who had shown educational improvements due to self-belief.  “This is my dream, and I really want to implement my platform and make Kingsport a better place,” she said. Davis competed in the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition in June 2010 in Jackson, Tenn. 

**This article appeared in the Kingsport Tennessee Times News