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Ducktor Morty (a child psychiatrist) and his family have written and illustrated four books that teach positive messages and entertain at the same time. Contact us with questions or comments or to receive free parent and teacher guidelines.


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          Tampa, Florida: Recently a mother told us about a Can Do Book Club she had formed with the Can Do Duck as its mascot. The children in the club started by reading Can Do and Friends to the Rescue: A Story About Getting Along and Working Together. The idea behind the book club is that each week the children read books with positive messages about helping others. After they read each book, they do a community service project that relates to that book. Also, each week two children take home a duck pillow and have to keep track of the good things they do to make the world a better place (holding doors, picking up trash, being polite, etc).The book club is part of a homeschool co-op group called THINK-day - Tampa Homeschoolers Instructing and Nurturing Kids. They meet in Tampa, Florida and there are 12 kids in the club.

The Can Do Duck Book Club: Combining Reading with Good Deeds

The Can Do Book Club holding their Can Do Duck mascot. They take turns bringing him home in order to keep track of the ways they make the world a better place.


          "We had our first meeting and everyone LOVED your book," wrote JoAnn Slay. "Two of my own boys are in the club. I have had several emails from parents who love the idea and what a difference it has made with their little Can Do ducks helping out around the house." Among the books they have read has been a book about peace called, What Does Peace Feel Like? and then they participated in the Pinwheels for Peace project. They also read Sam and the Lucky Money and made change purses to collect loose, found change to be donated to a worthy cause. One week the lesson was to make someone smile. They passed out notes to people who seemed lonely. They read the book Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch for that week. When the group meets they say the Can Do Duck "pledge", "We say we can. We make a plan. We get right to it. And then we do it!" They can earn tickets for unsolicited, good deeds.

         "The kids returned this week with full lists of things they had done in the name of Can Do," wrote Ms. Slay. "I am even witnessing my own two sons doing good deeds and asking "Was that what Can Do would have done?" We would like to congratulate THINK for coming up with such a great idea and for truly making the world a better place with their Can Do kids. You are truly taking Can Do to new heights!

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