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Ducktor Morty (a child psychiatrist) and his family have written and illustrated four books that teach positive messages and entertain at the same time. Contact us with questions or comments or to receive free parent and teacher guidelines.


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"It was very inspiring to me. There was a message in every paragraph. I think it's beautiful and fabulous!"

- Elissa Paparone                                       

​"The message is so timely and appropriate. This is a great way to begin at a very young age to share with our children how to appreciate everything they have and to be able to say "thank you." An attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness is so important in today's society. It can be so easy to focus on what one does not have rather than focus on all that we do have. This book is great way to also share with our children that giving is not always connected to just material things. When we give of our time and talents we are helping others. And when there is a great need, if we all share together, we are more likely to meet the need. Even those of us who have the least, can always find a way to share a part of who we are with others in need. This book would have been an asset to share with our children as we tried to put into practice the idea of giving and the joy one receives from giving. Thank you for sharing your newest book with me and for taking an interest in our school and children."
​- Carol Barineau, retired elementary school principal Tallahassee, Florida

Can Do's Attitude of Gratitude

A Story About Appreciation and Giving


Written by Ducktor Morty, M.D.

Illustrated by Arielle, Sarah, and Esther 

          This brand new book is the inspiring fourth book in the Can Do Duck series. It is a special book that teaches important life lessons about appreciating what you have and giving to others. Its message is important for any age child or adult. This is a bit more advanced book than the others.  It is a rhyming chapter book for the more experienced reader (who wants to read a book with chapters.)  If you buy all three books, your reader can start with the easier books and then move up to this book.